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Forever Living Christ Ministries International is a Bible-based, evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church founded in 2005. Today we meet as one church in West Bromwich, United Kingdom. 

At FLCM, we’re all about the salvation of people .

We’re all about people eternal lives because God is all about people in His heavenly kingdom. One of the ways we express our love for Him is through our love for people, and we do that by helping each person who comes to us grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Want to get started?

We’d love to welcome you to join us for a service, and we’re here to help you get connected.

Useful information on Coronavirus

Useful information on Coronavirus

We the people are the church and not the building. Due to the coronavirus scare, the church will still continue as we connect to one another. Remember the veil of the temple got torn so that your bodies are now the residence of the Holy spirit. As we connect, we unite as christians and declare in Jesus name that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church.



Useful information on Coronavirus


Useful information

To a large extent, an association is given purpose through the commitment and enthusiasm of its members. Yet we are just as much indebted to our many sponsors and patrons, whose valued support ensures that our association remains active, alive and well.

Working together to achieve our aims

When you visit our church, we make sure every equipping necessary for your in finding or continuing your purpose in the body of Christ is supported. We achieve this by our bible-based teachings.


The right opportunities for everyone

From our simple beginnings to our present-day , we work together to make sure that none is left behind. Our intereactive services enable you to ask any questions on issues bothering you. We are

open for questions during the services and encourage our members to spend time to read the word of God and in prayers to enable the Holy spirit to minister to them.


Working together for the Kingdom of God

Your kind donations and giving are channelled towards the advancement of the kingdom of God. Our prioiritiies are evangelism and discipleship to make in order to reach the souls that Jesus Christ has commisioned us to get.

Our Partners 

We consider every person created by God as our partner. No matter who you are, Jesus Christ is waiting to welcome you into his evrlating life.His call is for all people to believe in Him to have everlasting life.

You are therefore very important to Him to the extent that He shed His blood for you on the cross. This is love that He made available for all mankind; ...you, you and you. Everyone.


  SERMONS: Welcome to a Life full of Love.  

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